Pets at the Panama

Four of our ground floor rooms accommodate pets. These rooms feature tile or hardwood floors. We provide pet bowls, towels and a small canister with liners for pet waste. Our pet fee is $15 per night, per pet, with a two-pet maximum. 

Some of our frequent canine guests.

Some of our frequent canine guests.

Our pet-friendly rooms include...


Panama Hotel Pet Agreement

  • My pet will be with me and under my care at all times, and never left unattended.
  • My pet is not aggressive and is well socialized with animals and people.
  • My pet is free of ticks and fleas.
  • My pet will be on a leash and under my control when outside.
  • I will clean up after my pet and dispose of any waste in the canister outside my door, not the toilets or indoor waste baskets.
  • I will keep my pet off all furniture including the bed, chairs or couches.
  • I will clean my pet if he/she is wet or dirty using the towels provided before allowing them into my room.
  • I will assume financial responsibility for any damage caused by my pet, resulting in loss of revenue.


The Panama Restaurant and Hotel is happy to accommodate you with your pet, please be considerate of the following:

  • Please keep your pet on a leash and with you at all times.
  • Restaurant seating for guests dining with their pets is available on our Front Porch and on our Wisteria Patio only (access through our patio side gate).
  • Please be aware of guests dining around you when dining with your pet.
  • The Health Department has informed us that it is against the law to have animals in our dining room unless they are service dogs that perform tasks that persons cannot do for themselves.